"Restless mind, entrepreneur soul"
Computer engineer - Backend developer - Scraping expert - SCRUM Master/PO



I am a restless mind and a entrepreneur soul. While I was studying the computer science degree on the Murcia's University, I started working on my own startup (MySON) to do easier the task of ensure kids do a good use of computers and Internet. I had the chance of knowing many entreprenur people and we helped each other (I can help giving an IT view). I learned the steps to make a successful startup.

In 2013, I was hired for a company that "turned business ideas into profits".There I, grew up a lot working as backend engineer with Node.js. Moreover, I was named team leader to develop a SEARCH ENGINE (yes, like Google). This project was the biggest challenge on my career, but we made it. In this company I had the opportunity of working with Agile methodology (SCRUM) and they teached me as Scrum Master and Product owner.

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